100% rye bread


The gelatined rye mix
  • 480 gr Water at 90 degrees C
  • 120 gr Rye flour
The dough
  • 400 gr rye leaven
  • 100 gr cold water
  • 600 gr gelatined rye mix
  • 600 gr rye flour
  • 12 gr salt


The gelatinated rye mix
  • Quickly whisk rye flour in the hot water
  • Leave for 1 hr to 1 day
The loaf
  • Set apart 4 tablespoons of the gelatinated rye mix to brush over the loafs later
  • Mix the leaven in the cold water
  • Add the gelatinated rye mixture
  • Add the flour and the salt
  • Stir until you have a sticky paste
  • Knead gently into two balls
  • Shape each ball into a baton
  • Let the loafs rise on floured cloth in a basket for 5 hours / until doubled in size
  • Just before baking, brush with the remaining gelatinated rye mixture and spray with water
  • Bake for 50 minutes at 210 degrees C
  • Leave to cool fully
  • Wrap in kitchen baking parchment tied with a string and leave for 24 nrs before slicing

From the amazing book The handmade loaf

My twist: add anise , cinnamon, and orange zest to the dough for an even richer flavour.