dr.Pep Baking

Some recipes I use (with my personal tweaks)


  • Moro sourdough bread (I replace white flour by wholemeal flour; even 100% replacement works fine)
  • Sourdough Naan (I use 20% rather than 33% of flour weight in starter, 6-8 hr rise, water rather than milk and a bit more yoghurt)
  • Sourdough waffles (also for pancakes, btw; recipe in Dutch)
  • BBQ Pita (I use 100gr sourdough starter rather than the dry yeast from the recipe; 6-8 hour rise; recipe in Dutch)
  • Sourdough Rye (I leave our the molasses as I don’t need the sweet taste; I use less wet dough 5/9 rather than 4/5 v. flour weight)

Other baking

  • Madeleines (I replaced 33% of the plain flour by almond flour)